Is your Disaster Recovery plan tried and tested?

The way we work has been changed forever by the pandemic. Pre-COVID, working remotely was largely regarded as a business continuity measure or a means of accessing the system when out of the office, but now it is considered to be the norm. As a result, Disaster Recovery has to adapt to new risks and find new ways to respond.


A dispersed work force working from home with less robust security measures in place is more vulnerable to cyber-crime like phishing, ransomware and attacks on infrastructure. The opportunities to attack have increased. Not only that but accidents will always happen and can also wipe out a company’s operations.

Your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is how long you target your business to have systems back up and running in the event of disaster.  Recovery Point Objective (RPO), is at what point in time are you going to recover from i.e. how much data loss can you tolerate?  RTOs and RPOs of hours or even days are common, but with a good cloud-based Disaster Recovery solution in place however, minutes or even seconds are possible.

Cloud based disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) offers:

  • No infrastructure to build or manage
  • Straight forward pricing
  • Simple testing
  • Easy to scale as your business grows
  • On demand DR environment to work from remotely when required

We can offer a wide range of disaster recovery solutions bespoke to your business. If you would like more details just drop us a quick email and we’ll get straight back to you with your options.

Ready to become a resilient business?

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