Comprehensive cloud-based safeguarding

Who are Securly? Securly are one of our brilliant IT partners who are pioneers in cloud-based student safety solutions. To be able to engage in learning and achieve their best, students must first have their basic safety and security needs met. Securly helps to create a safer digital and physical learning environment with technology tools developed specifically for schools. Securly offer a whole range of products designed to keep students safe online but one of their hero products which our customers have been particularly impressed with is Filter.


Which Securly solutions do I need?

Filter is a cloud-based web filter designed exclusively for schools with powerful features designed to make schools a safer, happier place for students and IT teams alike. Filter gives full visibility into online activity, lets you quickly download, schedule and email reports, sends you notifications for flagged content and blocks inappropriate sites instantly.

Key features of Filter:

  • Cloud-based web filtering – stay up to date with no bulky hardware, software crashes, agents or network bottlenecks
  • Filters all devices – Chromebooks, iPads, Macs and PCs – Filter safeguards students across any device or operating system, at home or in school
  • Seamless authentication – Google, Azure and Active Directory authentication using Google Workspace or Office 365
  • Social media and web searches – monitors for signs of bullying, self-harm and violence across social media and web searches
  • Easy setup – be up and running in minutes, no hardware required
  • Scalable – school web filtering that delivers unlimited amounts of bandwidth and concurrent connections
  • Unlimited data retention – 90 days of searchable data history

Auditor is another cloud-based solution which builds on the safeguarding offered by Filter, it includes protection across the full Microsoft 365 and Google Suite of products and services. It is designed to identify behaviour in the key areas that a safeguarding officer is interested in such as self-harm, bullying and grooming, not just on the web but across the whole cloud suite.

It doesn’t stop at the school. As both of these solutions, and in fact all of the Securly products are cloud-based, students and student devices can be protected regardless of the location, both in and out of school.

Lots of our customers in the education sector are already using Filter, Auditor and other Securly products and have been impressed by the easy to use, intuitive interface and the granular reporting. This takes the form of both automated alerts which are sent to the safeguarding officer and meaningful reports/dashboards which can be reviewed on a regular basis. Just let us know if you’d like to know more about the range of Securly products on offer and how they could benefit your school.

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