IPS Capital LLP

IPS Capital is an independent investment boutique, based in the City, providing discretionary asset management to private individuals, charities and pension schemes. Historically they used an onsite server solution which they were happy with to a certain extent, however they wanted to take the hassle away of having IT server hardware onsite. Having a cloud based solution meant they could access the system from anywhere getting the same desktop experience, incorporate a robust disaster recovery strategy and simplify their IT costs to a monthly amount rather than having to budget for costly server upgrades.


They moved over to the Connect Systems Cloud which has simplified the IT costs to a per user per month model making budgeting significantly easier. They unfortunately had a fire in 2018 which destroyed their server room equipment, if they had been on local server hardware this could have been very damaging to their business with them out of action for a while whilst we invoked their disaster recovery strategy. As it was they could work straight away from anywhere with an internet connection since all of their systems are based in the Connect Systems Cloud. In fact we managed to provide an internet connection in their temporary office quickly enabling them to be fully operational within 48 hours with no loss of data or processing time.

Paul Tarran, Partner at IPS Capital says, “Having used Connect for over 10 years now I continue to be impressed with their service levels and efficiency. Not only are the day to day issues resolved promptly I have found them very proactive in the development of our systems, keeping us fully updated with the various technological changes.”

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