Directorbank Group

Directorbank Group are a recruitment company based in London, they had multiple offices with users spread across different geographical locations. Their back end IT systems were based in their London and Leeds offices. The office leases were a huge expense for the business, the management overhead of the IT system was significant and they were experiencing performance issues on ageing hardware.


Moving to the Connect Systems Cloud simplified their setup enormously; they no longer required IT hardware onsite other than an internet connection and networking equipment. The burden of managing the IT systems had been taken away, they could work from anywhere and it enabled them to move to a serviced office delivering substantial cost savings.

Ian Street, IT Manager at Directorbank Group says, “The entire team actually feel that we are more productive on any given day now that we are on the new Connect Systems Private Cloud. Waiting for things to happen is now a thing of the past. The new hosted platform is instantaneous. We congratulate Connect Systems on the advancement of hosted technologies.”

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