Is your Disaster Recovery plan tried and tested?

Invoking your Disaster Recovery plan is the one thing you never want to have to do, but preparing your business for it and testing the plan regularly are key to ensuring that when you need it, it works as expected.

Recently one of our customers had a major power outage which left them without power for over a week.  When they realised they would not get the power back, they asked us to invoke Disaster Recovery for their 30+ server estate.

Because they had a tried and tested Disaster Recovery plan with ourselves, they were up and running remotely meeting both their Recovery Time Objective (RTO – time taken to provide them with access to their systems) of 8 working hours and Recovery Point Objective (RPO – point at which we could restore their data from i.e. last backup or replication) within 1 working hour.

We were pleased to be able to take some of the pain away from a very stressful situation to get them back up and running again quickly with minimal data loss. Having the right systems and a plan in place and ready to go is key in an event like this. Is your business prepared for the worst?

Cloud based Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offers:

  • No infrastructure to build or manage
  • Straight forward pricing
  • Simple testing
  • Easy to scale as your business grows
  • On demand DR environment to work from remotely when required

We can offer a wide range of disaster recovery solutions bespoke to your business. If you would like more details just drop us a quick email and we’ll get straight back to you with your options.

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